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Boondock Saints

July 31, 2010

A film precedent, Boondock Saints (1999). Of particular interest to me are the interviews with the public (starting 05:32), which show a conflict of opinion on whether the Boondock Saints are good or bad.

The difference to my project comes from the Bishop Union taking it further than just taking the law into their own hands, killing obviously innocent people because they meet their description of ‘evil’.



March 13, 2010

The PS3 and Xbox360 game, Darksiders, is an apocalyptic video game in which mankind has been wiped out by a battle between heaven and hell and the neutral party, War of the Four Horsemen, must find out why this apocalypse happened before it was meant to.

God vs. Satan in film and TV and some colour theory

March 13, 2010

The movie, Constantine, deals with a battle between heaven and hell where God and Satan have made a wager for the souls of mankind.

The movie, Hercules, involves a battle between the “good” Gods in Olympus and the “evil” God, Hades, in the underworld, with humans in the crossfire.

TV series, God the Devil and Bob, is an animated comedy where God is considering putting an end to humanity but has allowed Satan to choose one human to try to prove humanity is worth saving.

Black vs White (sourced from

White, often used to lighten other colors, is the most controversial in terms of symbolism. Meanings vary widely, to the point of being opposites. White is associated with love, purity, innocence and goodness. We think of white as being both safe and clean. Hospitals and doctors come to mind. However, in some cultures it represents death. A white flag means a truce, while a white mask in China signifies fright. It can be used to symbolize a new beginning. We know snow is white and therefore associate the color with coolness. It also elicits a feeling of simplicity. Some consider it the color of perfection. Consider the relationship between black and white, often used to describe opposing ideas. We think of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, future vs. past, night vs. day, success vs. failure and beginning vs. ending.
Black alone is associated with death, mourning, evil and the night. Black calls to mind a sense of mystery, intrigue and the unknown. It is worn by graduating students, widows and clergy. It also denotes strength, power and authority. Black is associated with elegance and formality – a black tie
event or a little black dress. Black makes other colors stand out, and is considered a slimming color when worn in clothing.

LOST snippet

March 12, 2010

This is a snippet from the television series, LOST, which illustrates my theme quite nicely. The distinction between good and evil is not clear but is perhaps suggested by the colours that they are wearing, playing on our interpretation of colour theory. The passive aggressive conversation is also something I am interested in as it relates to my original idea.