The story so far…

Larry the good Lamb and Harry the bad Ram (title to be changed)

Larry the Lamb was good and Harry the Ram was bad. Larry’s ways made him happy and Harry’s made him sad.

Harry ate all his food and didn’t even stop to sleep.

Larry ate his slowly and it lasted him all week.

Harry‘s eating made him tired so he slept all day and night.

Larry was busy building a swing set and he wanted it just right.

When Harry woke and saw the swing set, he wanted one of his own.

So Larry built him one too and didn’t even stop to moan.

Harry was mad that it was taking so long to make!

Larry kept working patiently and didn’t need a break.

Harry swung really high and screamed out “I’M THE BEST!”

Larry swung even higher, but he didn’t try to contest.

Harry saw a giant apple on the other side of the gate.

He had to have the apple, he couldn’t bear to wait!

Larry wasn’t tempted by the apple, and ate some grass instead.

He didn’t need that apple, he was already well fed.

After eating the whole apple, Harry was absolutely stuffed! As Larry looked at his poor friend he thought “Enough’s enough!”

“This good and bad act has gone on for too long; it’s time to teach my friend what’s right, from wrong.”

“Harry, you live with seven bad habits and I’m going to list them all, first you eat too much, Gluttony’s what that’s called.”

“Sloth means you are lazy, you stay in bed all day, Envy’s next; you’re jealous and that is not okay.”

“Pride is thinking you’re better than anybody else, Wrath is when you’re angry, your words replaced with yells.”

“The last two go together, we call them Lust and Greed, they mean you long for something that you really shouldn’t need.”

Now Harry knew the right path, he was happy through and through, and if you follow Larry’s advice, you’ll be happy too!


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